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My Friends,

We have a lot at stake in this presidential election. As a nation, we face many challenges that will require real leadership from our next president. I have said before that this election will be about the big things, not the small things, and I write to you today about one big issue in particular - the future of the U.S. Supreme Court. If one of my Democratic opponents is elected in November, you can rest assured that given the opportunity to appoint judges, they will appoint those who make law with disregard for the will of the people.

There may be at least two vacancies on the United States Supreme Court during the next presidential term. As president, I will ensure that only those judges with a strict interpretation of the Constitution of the United States are appointed. I will nominate judges who understand that their role is to faithfully apply the law as written, not impose their opinions through judicial fiat.

If you want judges who have a clear, complete adherence to the Constitution of the United States and who do not legislate from the bench to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, then I ask that you join my campaign for president today by making a financial contribution.

I am proud to have played a role in the appointment and nomination of two great Supreme Court justices - Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito I need your support now so that as your president I can nominate judges like Justices Roberts and Alito - judges who have proven themselves worthy of our trust. Judges who take as their sole responsibility the enforcement of laws made by the people's elected representatives. Judges who can be relied upon to respect the values of the people whose rights, laws and property they are sworn to defend.

My friends, the future of our country and of the Supreme Court is at stake in this election. If either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama is elected, both of whom voted against confirming Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito, they will elect activist judges. They will elect judges who legislate from the bench.

I'm sure I don't have to remind you how important even one vote on the Supreme Court can be. Issues concerning states' rights, abortion, affirmative action, the Second Amendment, and religious freedom have all been decided by a very slim 5-4 margin.

America needs a leader who recognizes that the people and the states should decide what's best, not the courts. And in order to be that leader, I need your financial support immediately.

Please follow this link to make an immediate donation of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000- any amount up to the legal limit of $2,300.

Thank you for your support.


John McCain

P.S. To date, my Democrat opponents have raised almost $450 million in their efforts to win the White House. Both Senators Clinton and Obama voted against confirming John Roberts and Samuel Alito. Both Senators Clinton and Obama will nominate liberal, activist judges. As your president, I will ensure that the Supreme Court protects our values. Please follow this link and right away to make your donation of any amount, up to the legal limit of $2,300. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, is crucial to our efforts. Thank you.






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