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Clinton/Carter vs Scarborough/Land

Ex-Presidents Aim To Redefine Christianity!

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The Latest
Rick Scarborough Report

State of the Union Values-Voter Issues AWOL From State of The Union Address
Sam Brownback Small Brownback Re-Introduces Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act
Tape over mouth Removal of Section 220 from Senate "Lobbying Reform" Bill - A Grass-Roots Victory!

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Dr. Rick Scarborough will be appearing on HBO between now and the end of February as part of the "Friends of God" documentary.

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Ideologues Jump With Vigor Into '08 Race

President Bush Could Have One More Supreme Court Appointment

Romney Acknowledges Shift on Abortion

Vision America Stories
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Support The Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act

Protect Our Right To Keep You Informed!

Stand for Chaplain's Religious Freedom!

Give Judicial Nominees A Vote!

Protect the Pledge

Protect Christian Expression

De-fund Planned Parenthood

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Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor
First Baptist Church
Wichita Falls, TX

"I believe that God has given us freedom in this nation as a stewardship that we need to protect, and take advantage of in the best possible way, so I think itís erroneous to say that Christians are to isolate themselves and to have no involvement at all in the political process."

Dr. James Dobson
Focus on the Family

"Believers in our nation are undertaking many worthy endeavors for the cause of Christ, but nothing I see across the landscape of the local church gives me more hope than the work you are doing through Vision America."

Support the work of
Vision America