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January 09, 2008

Ford's continued homosexual support part of financial woes, says pro-family group

While not taking full credit for Ford's dismal financial performance in recent months, the American Family Association says its boycott of the automaker has undoubtedly played a part.

Ford Motor Company's sales have made the long-expected drop in numbers to put them in third place behind Toyota in the U.S., figures released last week revealed. As the automaker continues to try to downsize facilities and employees, a pro-family group that has been Ford's shadow for almost two years continues to insist the company's stance on the homosexual agenda is part of their downturn.

High gas prices and a tough economy have affected all carmakers this year, and Ford in particular remains a business boycott target of the American Family Association. AFA founder and chairman Don Wildmon says the pro-family boycott that his organization initiated 21 months ago is not solely responsible for the December 2007 nine percent drop in sales from December '06, or the 12 percent drop overall in sales from the previous year.

"But we do say that a significant amount of those sales are as a direct result of the boycott," says Wildmon.

He says nearly 800,000 people have signed a petition not to buy Ford automobile products because of their ideological and financial support of the homosexual agenda, and have asked the corporate giant to become neutral on the matter -- as, he says, have many Ford dealerships who are hurting because of the pledge.

"We wish that [Ford] would just say [it is] going to remain neutral," says the pro-family leader. "One thing we do know, many of their dealers are urging Ford to remain neutral."

Wildmon says it surprises his organization that in light of the ongoing sales results, Ford corporate apparently considers its support for the homosexual cause more important than support for its local dealers.
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