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Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2007 10:46 AM
Subject: Maryland Joins States Building Grassroots Marriage Protection

Maryland Joins States Building Grassroots Marriage Protection

You can make a difference in your state by sending a request to your state legislators asking then to organize to support and defend common sense marriage in your state.  If a Marriage Protection Caucus has already been launched in your state, it encourages them to join without delay. If not, it encourages them to start one immediately.

Also, please consider making a  donation now!  to assist us in continuing this vital work.

Following the dangerous path of Massachusetts and New Jersey, activist judges in Maryland appear poised to strike down marriage. If we allow radical activists to successfully destroy marriage in Maryland, they will be stronger than ever! That's why today I'm pleased to announce the formation of the Maryland Marriage Protection CaucusTM. Like MPC member-legislators in other states, Maryland Caucus members will work immediately to advance the Marriage Protection Resolution. This joint resolution calls on the state's congressional delegation in Washington to work to send the federal Marriage Protection Amendment to the states for ratification. As you may know, the South Carolina House of Representatives has already passed a Marriage Protection Resolution, which is now pending in the State Senate. In addition to passing the Marriage Prot ection Resolution, Maryland Marriage Protection CaucusTM members will also work together on other issues vital to the future of our children and grandchildren, including marriage-friendly workplace reforms, tax credits for couples who voluntarily seek premarital counseling, and marriage tax penalty relief. As more states form their own Marriage Protection Caucuses, I will keep you updated on our progress. Our new state by state approach to marriage protection is working! This new strategy remains our best avenue to bring pressure to bear on federal representatives to pass the federal Marriage Protection Amendment. I'm so humbled by the friendship and support the Alliance for Marriage continues to receive from committed people like you. It means so much to me to know I'm not alone in this fight. I'm counting on your continued support in the long struggle ahead.

Warmest regards,

Matt Daniels, J.D., Ph.D.

Founder and President


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