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December 4, 2006

Dear Friends and Allies,

Although is has not yet been officially announced, in addition to my duties as Executive Director of  the United States Justice Foundation (USJF), I have been appointed General Counsel to the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC), founded by Chris Simcox of Arizona, an unpaid position. USJF and MCDC have set up a joint project called the Minuteman Protection Program (MPP) to provide legal assistance to Minuteman members and insist on the enforcement of state, local, and federal laws relating to the illegal immigration issue.

If you are an attorney, or if you know an attorney, wishing to help in these issues, please contact, or have them contact, us. We are setting up an attorney directory for cases that MPP will handle and a referral service for cases that we cannot handle due to their nature (cases that do not fall within our mission).

For attorneys interested in handling MPP cases, we request a pro bono commitment as to all or part of the litigation that they handle for us, or a substantial discount on their normal, hourly rate. In cases where attorney fee awards are available, we request that the attorney agree to take a share of the award proportionate to the time committed in relation to the other attorneys˘ time involved. MPP will pick up all filing fees, deposition costs, and other out of pocket expenses as they are incurred.

For cases that MPP will not accept, we will try to refer the individuals to those on our pro bono list, if appropriate.

Thanks you for you assistance.

In His Name,

Gary G. Kreep

United States Justice Foundation
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