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Sent: Monday, March 26, 2007 11:13 AM
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This CONSERVATIVE ALERT is a special message for Carol Keys from Bill Greene for Congress:

From the Desk of Chris Simcox
Honorary Chairman, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps PAC

Dear Fellow Citizen,

I need your help. You and I have a chance to finally make progress in Washington D.C.  on the critical issue of securing our borders.

As I’m sure you know, our elected officials have failed to contain our borders from the flood of illegal aliens pouring into America… and have given us the threat of amnesty for well over eleven million illegals already in this country.

This isn’t just a Democrat problem -- it was the Republicans who were in charge while all of this was going on.

THAT is why the Republicans lost control of Congress in November. Not because the Democrats offered anything better -- but because the Republicans themselves had sold out the American people who elected them.

Patriotic American voters saw little difference between the Democrats who wanted power and the Republicans who had abused it. So, they stayed home -- and the Democrats won.

And now, there’s even more of a chance than last year that Congress will pass “comprehensive immigration reform”…  politicians’ doubletalk meaning AMNESTY for illegal aliens.

We must halt the amnesty sell-out in its tracks -- and here’s one way we can do it.


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You may have heard that Congressman Charlie Norwood of Georgia, a strong advocate for border security, recently died after an extended illness. He will be sorely missed on Capitol Hill; he came in with the “Republican Revolution” of 1994, and held true to his principles against a rising tide of pro-“amnesty” political elites there among his own ranks. Charlie Norwood was one of the most effective voices against illegal immigration and “open borders” in Washington, D.C. -- and it is IMPERATIVE that his vacancy be filled by another border security champion.

Now, the Governor of Georgia has called for a Special Election to fill Rep. Norwood’s seat, and the election is only three months away.

It’s a “wide open” race, with no primaries, and a large field of Republicans and Democrats all competing to finish out the remainder of this two-year term. Some of the candidates are good, and some are not…

… But one candidate stands out from the rest: my friend and fellow Minuteman, BILL GREENE.  MCDC PAC IS 100% BEHIND BILL GREENE FOR CONGRESS, AND HE NEEDS YOUR HELP TODAY!

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.You have probably heard of Bill Greene. As the founder and president of the online activist organization,, Bill has been on the front lines of our battles:

I have worked side by side with Bill Greene, rallying crowds of patriots with him. He’s “one of us.” I’ve seen him speak out with passion and conviction for what was right, whether he was in the majority or the minority. He is a man of honor, well versed in the principles of America’s Founding. He understands our duties of citizenship that are the essential corollaries to our rights -- upon which rest our ordered liberty and the rule of law. Bill Greene deeply believes in “fighting the good fight” always, as a matter of principle, no matter how long the seeming odds of immediate success.

And I know he’ll do the same as a Member of the U.S. Congress.  That’s why I’m asking you to go RIGHT NOW to give the best donation you can, directly to Bill Greene’s campaign for Congress.

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In our crisis of weakness in Washington, D.C., THAT is what we need so desperately -- men of conviction and wisdom who are willing to stand up and simply, forcefully say, “NO MORE!”

NO MORE wide open borders, where illegal aliens are given a free pass into our country, and then given promises of “guest worker” amnesty once they’ve gotten in.

NO MORE lawmakers in Washington who do nothing to keep our neighborhoods safe from drug dealers, rapists and potential terrorists, who snuck in with the flood of illegal migrants pouring across our borders day and night.

NO MORE false claims of “we support border security” while working behind closed doors to strip border fence authorizations of the very funds they need to be built at all.

NO MORE “anti-illegals” posturing at election time, only to allow and encourage millions more illegal immigrants to flood into this country by offering them AMNESTY.

Bill Greene is willing to stand up and loudly proclaim, “NO MORE!”

Before Bill became a leader in patriotic political activism, he taught college-level Political Science and American Government. He understands what the Constitution plainly says about the most important role of government at the federal level: to protect Americans from invasion -- and he understands how far our government has strayed from that essential role. He’s worked tirelessly to see the original vision of our Founding Fathers restored in this great nation… and he’s ready to take that battle directly to the floor of the United States Congress.

But he needs YOUR help to get there!

You can make the difference, right here, right now!

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This race will only last for three months -- but in order to gain the local name recognition, as well as turn out the all-important grassroots conservatives in a very low-turnout election, Bill has to have the financial firepower to blanket the local radio and television markets with a barrage of ads, as well as the ability to field an army of volunteers led by experienced staffers who know how to get out the vote. Add in the print ads and direct mail efforts to communicate with every likely voter in one of the largest districts in Georgia, and you’ll see why the Bill Greene campaign is facing HUGE expenses.

He needs between $500,000 and $750,000 to win this race without facing a runoff. All of the polling and demographics that his campaign is already looking at shows that he can win this race

… IF he has the money to run it.


I’ve already pledged to do all I can to help my friend Bill Greene win this vital special election in Georgia. In fact, I’m going there personally to help mobilize voters, walk the district, speak at rallies, and do media appearances with him.

Putting Bill Greene in the U.S. Congress is that important.

Please, click below to make your best contribution -- whether the federal limit of $2300, $1000, $500, $250, $100, $50, $20, or whatever you can afford -- right now, and help send a true fighter for the patriotic values that you and I hold so dear straight to Washington, D.C. -- where he can make OUR voices heard LOUD AND CLEAR!

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Thank you for standing strong for the cause of liberty.

Sincerely yours for America,
Chris Simcox, Honorary Chairman
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps PAC

P.S.  I can’t tell you how important this race is. For the next two years, we need a strong voice in Congress to stand up against the pro-amnesty sell-outs of Nancy Pelosi and her open borders cronies. Bill Greene is that voice, and we need to do everything in our power to make sure he gets to Capitol Hill to represent our Minuteman agenda.

P.P.S.  Please give your best donation NOW -- time is very short, and there’s so much that needs to be done. And be sure to forward this message to everyone you know who wants to see true constitutional government returned to Congress. Thank you.
PO Box 20275, Washington, DC 20041-2275

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