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Subject: [RightMarch] Pelosi Democrats Trying To Steal Republican House Seat - Help Now!

Pelosi Democrats in Georgia are Trying to Steal a Long-time GOP House Seat: Click below to Help Keep It in Strong Conservative Hands!

Take Action Now!

This CONSERVATIVE ALERT is a special message for Carol Keys from Bill Greene for Congress:

ALERT: There's only one U.S. Congressional race going on in the country right now...

...And Nancy Pelosi Democrats are trying to "steal" this strong conservative Republican seat right out from under us!


In the Tenth Congressional District of Georgia, where Congressman Charlie Norwood recently passed away, there's a special election that's been called for June 19th. The Tenth District has been a strong conservative Republican district for a long time -- but the Democrats in Georgia, at the behest of Nancy Pelosi, have launched a plan to sneak a liberal Democrat in "under the radar"!

According to local news reports, Georgia Democrats have agreed to come together to support a single Democrat candidate in the Special Election: a rich Yahoo! techie named James Marlow.

That means they have a self-funding candidate, who's pretending to be "moderate-conservative," running hard in a concentrated area full of liberals, in a special election that's expected to have very low turnout -- less than 20%.

And that means they could steal this conservative GOP seat... unless the leading conservative candidate, Bill Greene, can raise enough money to make sure the conservative base gets out and votes to keep that seat!

Don't think the liberals can't do it. Even the local liberal Democrat blogs are talking about their plans to get a LARGE voter turnout from the one VERY liberal part of the district: the Athens area, where the University of Georgia sits. As one blogger put it, "if we get our old faithful and new faithful to simply vote on June 19th, 2007 we can take this seat from the Republicans."

The district chair of the Democrat Party has put out an alert, letting the "faithful" know that they're starting a major voter registration drive in the most liberal areas, as well as a big drive to get volunteers for phone banks, etc.

They are serious about sneaking in and taking away this seat from conservative Republicans -- which means WE need to be serious about keeping it in conservative hands!

The only candidate running in this race who can STOP the Pelosi Democrats cold -- both in Georgia, and up in Washington, D.C. -- is BILL GREENE. But he can't do it unless he hears from YOU -- TODAY.

TAKE ACTION: Bill Greene is running the strongest Republican campaign in this race, but he needs our help NOW. We can't afford to lose one more seat in Congress to so-called "moderate-conservative" Democrats who get elected under false pretenses, and then sit there and vote time after time for every single one of Nancy Pelosi's far-left policies.

It's going to take a LOT of money to fight back against the Pelosi Democrats and their well-funded liberal Yahoo! executives like James Marlow. Please, give as much as you can -- whether it's the legal limit of $2300, $1000, $500, $250, $100, or even $50 -- whatever you can give, it's needed right away. The Greene campaign needs to get television and radio ads up and running quickly, as well as highly-targeted direct mail letters to GOP voters, to counter this sneak attack "end run" by the Democrats -- so please Click Below NOW to make your best donation right away:

To send a check, mail it right away to:

Bill Greene for Congress
P.O. Box 374
Dept Code 6
Commerce, GA 30529-9998

NOTE: If we ever hope to take back the U.S. Congress for conservatives, YOU NEED TO HELP BILL GREENE. Click through above to give now, or send your check in right away. There's only TEN WEEKS LEFT in this race!

Be sure to send this Alert to EVERYONE you know who wants to help FIGHT BACK against liberal Pelosi Democrats trying to steal this Special Election in Georgia. Thank you!

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