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Illegal Aliens Murder 21,900 US Citizens: Click below to Donate NOW and Build the Minuteman Border Fence!

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Minuteman Border Fence

Dear Fellow American:

The innocent children and relatives of American military families are being murdered by illegal aliens everyday -- while politicians play with border security.

Can it be true? More Americans are murdered each year by illegal aliens than have died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined!

You read that right. According to a report by Rep. Steve King of Iowa:

  • 12 Americans are murdered everyday by illegal aliens, and 13 people in the US are killed by illegal alien drunk drivers daily.
  • That's 9,125 Americans per year murdered and killed! That's more than 45,625 innocent US lives cut short by illegal aliens since September 11, 2001.

    Why is this happening? Millions of dollars are being pocketed by businesses and open border advocates that support politicians who say illegal aliens are needed "to do the jobs Americans will not do" - code words for exploitative, cheap labor, and for a criminalized underclass and shadowy underground economy more compatible with impoverished third-world corruption than the standards necessary for responsible self-government.

    The death of legal US citizens at the hands of illegal aliens is an unacceptable price to pay to keep the cost of apples from going up 5 cents.

    Click Here to Donate NOW and Build the Minuteman Border Fence:


  • If the death statistics aren't enough to sicken you, King also reports that eight American children are molested by illegal aliens every day.
  • That's 2,920 innocent children annually whose lives are ruined each year - by criminal scum who wouldn't be here prowling for American kids if the federal government simply enforced our immigration laws.

    Yet, according to recent news articles, "Congress will approve an immigration bill that will grant citizenship rights to 20 million illegal aliens in the U.S. after Democrats take control next month."

    This estimate may even prove low, as illegal alien advocacy groups think the Senate bill is still too harsh because it imposes fines on all illegals and excludes others with criminal records. Those groups also insist future illegal workers have a direct path to citizenship. This agenda translates into an open door policy with amnesty and citizenship for the entire world.

    Take Action Now to stop the needless murder of Americans!

    Help the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps continue to build the Minuteman Border Fence, creating a gauntlet of steel and high tech surveillance tools to secure the border now.

    The new Congress will likely succeed at undoing federal plans to build 700 miles of fence, leaving the Minuteman Border Fence the only real barrier being built. It is therefore imperative that the people of the United States support and build the Minuteman Border Fence themselves -- until this government gets the message and is forced to do its job and fully and competently secure our national border.

    Click Here to Donate NOW and Build the Minuteman Border Fence:

    A new immigration bill is proposed that will grant citizenship rights to 20 million illegal aliens. The U.S. Senate is playing dangerous politics with American national border security and the lives of legal US citizens.

    "The thing that's in the greatest jeopardy right now is the fence, because they do have the appropriations process and that's probably the one they can stop," according to Congressman Tom Tancredo.

    The Minuteman Border Security Plan is ESSENTIAL...
    ...Real Border Fence... Real Border Security!

    See the Minuteman Border Fence Progress Video Email!!!

    Steel posts, anti-climb panels, razor wire and barbed wire are installed daily along 11 miles of our current private land projects in Arizona. Our model of do-ability and afford-ability is showing the feds how to get the job done!

    Get the latest Minuteman Border Fence video info by selecting one of the links:
    REAL VIDEO link is:


    TAKE ACTION: Your help is needed now more than ever. We are asking everyone who has already donated to the fence, to DOUBLE that donation now during this Christmas Season, to help us keep putting up fencing. We need your continued financial support today!

    YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! By donating time and money you can help protect your families and loved ones. All donations are tax deductible. Please make a donation of $1000 or more by December 31, 2006 and you can help build a secure border and a secure America.

    Click Here to Donate NOW and Build the Minuteman Border Fence:

    Go to for the latest fence information and join with us to build the fence -- a real fence, not a political smoke screen -- TODAY.

    Sincerely for America,

    Chris Simcox, President
    Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

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