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August 2, 2007

Pastors and Church Leaders:

You must act now to protect your church and ministry! We only have two weeks or less!!

You see, Assembly Bill 14, authored by self-admitted homosexual Assemblyman John Laird, is currently before the State Senate. We only have the next two weeks or less to express our opposition and objections to this bill.

As of now AB 14 is before the entire Senate waiting to be brought up anytime for a vote. The Senate has not passed a state budget, so they can at any time next week vote on bills while budget negotiations continue. The uncertainty of when a vote might take place forces us to take action now. It is also possible that Senators will conduct a vote on AB 14 on August 20th.

We need your immediate action right away.

As pastors and church leaders we really need you to write your State Senator on official church or ministry letterhead asking them to VOTE NO on AB 14. And it is imperative that church members make phone calls and fax letters to their Senator as well.

Immediate phone calls, faxes and emails are needed to STOP AB 14!

AB 14 is called the “Civil Rights Act of 2007” but it should more appropriately be called the “Christian Persecution Act of 2007.” It must be stopped and every church and churchgoing, Bible-believing individual needs to help ensure this bill fails.

You see, this bill seeks to give special protections in 50 different sections of the law for homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals. And in doing so the bill is also restricting, penalizing, discriminating, punishing and flat out targeting Christian organizations, churches, and Christian individuals! No one would be sparred…Christian pre-schools to Christian college groups!

Many of the ministry functions you currently offer could be affected….even made criminal if you do not embrace and celebrate the homosexual lifestyle if AB 14 passes!

If AB 14 passes, churches that run alcohol recovery programs, feed the needy, provide shelter, or those Christian organizations that provide health clinics and provide medical treatment, job training etc. with the help of state funds would be prohibited from doing so if they object to homosexuality for Biblical reasons.

Can you imagine that? If a church runs a day care program or preschool and gets state funding for lunch programs they would lose their funding, for example, if AB 14 passes. This bill could possibly even affect funds for the Headstart program. No private group that gets state funds, like a job training organization, could use their funds to rent a church fellowship hall if the church views homosexuality as a sin. It’s even possible that no church gymnasium could be used in times of a natural disaster because state funds would be used for the emergency relief. How sad that people in need of shelter after an earthquake could not be housed on church property simply because the church adheres to Biblical teachings on sexuality.

Speaking of providing medical aid, AB 14 even goes as far as to target private and Christian hospitals. All hospitals in the state, even private religious hospitals, would be forced to explicitly adopt non-discrimination treatment policies listing “sexual orientation” and accepting homosexuality.

A private religious hospital that already adopts a policy accepting anyone seeking treatment that walks through their emergency doors, but does not explicitly include sexual orientation as one of the categories, among others, in its anti-discrimination policies would be in violation of the law. This provision is aimed at forcing all religious hospitals to cave in to demands of accepting homosexuality, even if it has no bearing on their current operations. This is designed to bring Christian hospitals to their knees and embrace homosexuality.

Regarding state funds given to college campuses the bill would “prohibit those funds from being used for membership or participation with any private organization that discriminates on the basis of…sexual orientation.”

This provision would deny ALL student Bible study clubs, such as Catholic Newman groups, Latter Day Saints clubs, Campus Crusade for Christ clubs, etc. from getting funding for activities or even deny them access to holding their meetings in college facilities because they Biblically object to homosexuality. But the campus’s homosexual club would continue to get funds and use facilities because they don’t “discriminate.”

As if punishing Christian college groups isn’t enough, the bill takes it even further. AB 14 would ban any state funds for the “involvement and use of private facilities if the organization or facility discriminates on the basis of ...sexual orientation…” In other words, no state funds could be involved with organizations that do not accept homosexuality. And no state funds could be used to rent or lease private facilities if the organization that owns the facilities does not embrace homosexuality. Make no mistake; this provision is aimed at Churches, their facilities and the programs they operate.



AB 14 is a direct attack on churches and people of faith who object to homosexuality for Biblical moral reasons.

We must utilize this time wisely. A vote can happen anytime next week or right after August 20th. Because we do not know for sure, we cannot afford to wait and take action later.

Mailed or faxed letters to State Senators are urgently needed and are most important in the eyes of legislators. TVC strongly urges people to write & fax legislators during these next few days.

Phone calls from Pastors and Church Leaders are also critical. Share with them how this bill would negatively affect your church and ministry. But also, have members of your church contact them as well.

We simply cannot afford to remain silent.

To find your State Senator directly click this link and then enter your zip code:

For State Senator’s websites, to find local contact numbers, faxes and emails please go to:



Senator & Region Represents
Capitol Phone #
District Phone #
Ron Calderon (D) Montebello area
916 651 4030
323 890 2790
Lou Correa (D) Santa Ana/Anaheim
916 651 4034
714 558 4400
Denise Ducheny (D) Chula Vista
916 651 4040
619 409 7690
Dean Florez (D) Bakersfield/Fresno
916 651 4016
661 395 2620
Michael Machado (D) Stockton
916 651 4005
209 948 7930
Gloria Negrete McLeod (D) Ontario
916 651 4032
909 621 2783
Jack Scott (D) Pasadena
916 651 4021
626 683 0282
Edward Vincent (D) Inglewood
916 651 4025
310 412 0393

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