From: Richard A.Viguerie []
Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 4:03 PM
Subject: Speak out on the State of the Union!
State of the Union:
Conservatives Should be Silent No More!
Dear Fellow Conservative:
            It is clear from President Bush’s State of the Union address that he is surrendering the domestic agenda to the Democrats. 
            If we do nothing and say nothing, it will be a long and agonizing two years for conservatives. Our continued silence would say to the White House and Congress that we consent to his governing from left of center. 
But we don’t have to continue to play dead. Influencing the President and the White House may be a lost cause at this point, but there are some principled conservatives in Congress, and by speaking out we can help them fight the Big Government Coalition of Pelosi, Reid, Bush & Co.
So, I urge you to use whatever forums are at your disposal to speak out—email, blogs, letters to the editor, calling in to your favorite talk radio show, op-ed articles, etc.   Let’s send a message to the Big Government Republicans that we are not in their hip pocket, and we expect the GOP to faithfully represent and fight for the conservative positions that brought them to power.
Richard A. Viguerie
Suite 400
9625 Surveyor Court
Manassas, VA 20110
Let a Thousand Protests be Heard!
Here are 4 that have started the ball rolling—
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WorldNetDaily founder and editor Joseph Farah:
            “Even this Bush skeptic has to pinch himself to make sure I’m not dreaming. This was a Republican presidential speech? What would be the major difference if it had been Hillary Clinton giving the talk—other than it being a little more shrill?”
Syndicated columnist Robert Novak:
“The president faced not only a new majority of Democrats, who are feisty and belligerent, but the new minority of congressional Republicans, who are in a state of panic over the state of their party. They did not expect much of a lift from their president, and they did not get one….
“Although this was a long and far-reaching State of the Union, it was also notable for what it did not contain: [For example] Bush ignored the social issues dear to his conservative base.”
Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council:
            “The President failed to challenge the new majority to advance core family and cultural issues, issues that many in the new majority campaigned on last year.”
Richard A. Viguerie, author of Conservatives Betrayed:
            “I was struck more by what I didn’t hear than by what I heard.
            “What he did say was mostly big-government economic, energy, and education schemes that could have just as easily come from President Clinton or President Carter. What he did not deliver were any Reaganesque calls for reducing the size of government, or getting the government off our backs—a core conservative goal since the 1950s.
            “The underlying message in this State of the Union Address was directed toward the Democrats: In effect, we can work together--let’s make a deal. The underlying message directed toward the conservatives was: You have no place else to go.
            “Accordingly, conservatives must continue to declare their independence from the Republican Party. We must act as a Third Force in American politics, seeking to draw both major political parties to the Right. Conservative principles and goals take precedence over partisanship. We will support Democrats and Republicans alike when they do the right thing, and oppose Democrats and Republicans alike when they do the wrong thing.”
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