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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dear Friend of Liberty--

We love our children, our grandchildren, and our families. But that doesn't mean we always see eye to eye with them. Sometimes we just have a difference of opinion on trivial matters. Other times it becomes quite obvious that they do not share our fundamental understanding of the world and the way it operates.

That's why our clients use DonorsTrust.
They love their families but know they can rely on DonorsTrust to carry out their charitable intent. DonorsTrust erects a protective boundary, which means our clients' successor advisors will never be able to support the likes of Greenpeace or

DonorsTrust provides a convenient and effective alternative to establishing a private foundation--one that avoids the pitfalls of the Ford Foundation and ensures that your ideals and philanthropic principles will survive intact.

We are working with many donors like you who are
underwriting the cause of liberty.

Our account holders recommend charitable grants from their personal donor-advised accounts to support liberty-oriented organizations across the country.

Will you join the ranks of those using DonorsTrust to promote liberty and secure your charitable legacy? With a minimum contribution of $10,000, you can set up a personalized donor-advised account and claim an immediate charitable tax deduction. DonorsTrust will provide you with administrative assistance in managing your charitable capital and the assurance that your charitable legacy will be safeguarded for years to come.

Click here to receive our contributor kit and find out how you can secure your legacy of liberty through a DonorsTrust donor-advised account.


Whitney L. Ball, Executive Director

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